Thursday, March 29, 2007

Summer Subware

First arrivals from Subware come in this morning with some hot colours for a hot Summer (fingers crossed).

Click the pic.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Crooked Tongues Puma Clyde Release party.

Another night, another party... what a life we lead.
So, after sending off my RSVP to the Puma party that CT was throwing down, I was pretty excited, it promised to be a good event.
Held at The 100 Club... number 100, Oxford street.
So 7 o'clock rolls around... link up at Oxford Circus station... 50 minutes later after waiting for Tronics, we set sail.... guest list through - everything smooth.
Hit up the bar and get some drinks down... for a night of good music and good laughs....
The pictures speak for themselves.....
Props to the CT crew for throwing a great party....

Jordan ( ICEBERG ) .

Friday, March 23, 2007

T-World - The Journal of T-Shirt Culture #2 London Launch

If you're in the area tonight come on down to Bond have a beer and a giggle.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Hundreds is huuuuuuuuuge

Yes Yes YES!
The Hundreds Spring is in, you know that this stuff don't keep - so don't sleep.
In store and on-line now.
Click the pics

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Loki Bond Exclusive.......

Here we have a Loki "cassette" T, this particular colourway is exclusive to "Bond International". Its such a nice clean colourway... a nice fresh colour for the summer.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Limited Edition MIST Deck.

Only 100 made, very limited with stunning artwork.

On attaque avec la première série d'un mec dont on ne va pas donner l'âge (on vous dit juste qu'il est né en 1972) qui pratique toujours le sk8. Mais son véritable talent s'exprime plutôt sur des fresques murales, sur toiles et en vinyle : il s'agit de Mist.

Seeing as i don't speak french... here is the Macintosh widget translation....

"One attacks with the first series of a guy which one will not give the age (it is said to you just that it was born in 1972) which always practises the sk8. But its true talent is expressed rather on mural frescos, fabrics and out of vinyl: it acts of the artist mist. "

Anyway check 'em out in store now.

Mob Spring 07

Instore now and on-line as soon as

Bode Tattoos

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Lost Load

BBC News March 11 2007

An abandoned consignment of marijuana with a street value of $20m (£10.3) was found in California when a policeman went to check on a stationary lorry.
The vehicle was unlocked and the engine warm, but no-one was in the cab.

The patrolman found plastic-wrapped bundles of the drug in the back of the rental vehicle near Los Angeles after smelling marijuana, AP said.

A spokesman said there were "no suspects and no real leads". Local authorities plan to destroy the drug.

"Somebody's going be in some major trouble for walking away and leaving that quantity sitting on the side of the freeway," said Sgt Telfinues Preszler Jnr of the California Highway Patrol .

"I'm glad I'm not him."

He suggested the engine might have overheated, causing the vehicle to be abandoned along with three tons of marijuana on a slip road in the city of Ontario late on Wednesday.

The drug has been turned over to the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department, which will seek a court order to destroy it, a spokeswoman said.

A recent report estimates that despite intensive eradication plans, $35bn worth of the marijuana a year is produced in the US, making it the country's top cash crop.

Thursday, March 08, 2007


By Jordan

SO.... what started off as a few quiet drinks after work turned to chaos...

WORK FINISHES..... get a Macdonalds and get the bus over to Dragon Bar to meet the rest of TBS....
Get there... everyones 3 under already...
Playing catch up now....
Danny decides to draw all over his and my leg and then eat my shoes......

After that we decided to go to FAVELA chiiiic for a birthday bash.....
Get there, chill out, have a few maybe 15 to 16 drinks each....
We all got a bit merry....

SO after this.... Nicky decides it was time to collapse down the stairs, bust his lip open, black his eye, and knock himself out - then I see him being dragged by bouncers and thrown out the front door.... walk outside and he didn't know WTF was going on....
Managed to sort out a cab.... ( LAY MANY THANKS! ) went back to his house to present his missus with a drunk, covered-in-blood bf - she was not a happy bunny.
Slept there.
Then worked the next day.
COORRRRR splitting headache.

Anyway.... Nicky's current state.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

10 Deep , Crooks and Castles and Mishka Coming Soon

Hello everybody, just a note to let you know that Bond International will be the proud new stockists of 10 Deep, Mishka and Crooks and Castles.... These are three heavily popular brands... we are very glad to anounce that we will be stocking them.
Im sure alot of you have heard of the brands before, if not here's a bit of background knowledge on each.

Ten Deep : 10.Deep is one of the original New York streetwear brands. Through bold graphics and quality design, they create apparel that intelligently conjures thoughts of movements, individuals, and ideologies of days past and present. They seek to produce goods that neither sacrifice quality nor style. At 10.Deep their motto is simple: forget everyone and listen to yourself. Strength lies in the hands of an individual (10 fingers), not in the approval of one’s peers.

Mishka : From colourfull all overs, to poking fun at Disney and cartoon characters, Mishka has it all, a wide range of products and a great outlook on the whole industry.

Crooks and Castles : Crooks & Castles have always routed for the villain whether it be in a movie, a comic book, a novel, a rap song or everyday life. Growing up in Los Angeles during the 80's & 90's they became a part of this villainous lifestyle. Gangs were everywwhere - the hood, the city, even middle suburbia. Most had no choice but to adapt to the environment. Some were able to escape or even channel what they've learned on the street into something lucrative. What caught their attention in the mid 90's was independent fashion/graphic brands. After years of learning the in's & out's of the business by starting a brand without any knowledge of how to start or run a clothing company, they have finally come to this... "Crooks & Castles"! The concept was easy. "Crooks", criminals, pimps, hustlers, thieves, etc. And "Castles" those who got rich by becoming a crook.