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Corby House Friday......

.....was rockin'..... vid of the Cool Kids from Rebelle Without A Pause
lady with the cam must've been right in front of me.....


Well there can be only one & it was not us...shit !

So Man Utd bounced back & taught us a lesson...& that man Nani...damn...he is good.

Well it is Champions League & the Premiership lets focus & sort that out.

KJ & Mr Montana ventured to the shed to watch the game....even though we lost that session in the shed was good...we did bring '88 back.

Too much fun...KJ, Shakie & Mickey dancin' to some inducing beats while I had the pressure of keeping them going...good evening.

Be Well.

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Cool Kids......

....are @ Cordy House on Friday [if you're lucky enough to be on the list]. There's a recent interview here.


Ok so SUPREME have shot her for their Mag & Label...& I have been a big fan of this I wanted to do my own little Homage here...

I jacked a few pictures off the Web...& played about...

So here is Tera Patrick by some Photographer a la Fatsarazzi...

Who knows...maybe one day I will get to shoot her myself.

Be Well.


...I have seen at London Fashion Week !

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


New from the Technic Vs Marvel Series.
Click the pic

and in plenty of time for the movie

Thursday, February 07, 2008


Seen x Bode x Insa - er..... x Ice T aswell I supose...
Definitely one of my favs. Good album too. For more pics and info check


Fafi x MAC cosmetics toy via Tough Love NYC

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at the Tate

Be Well


...Bravo Na$h Money...excellent work as usual. Sad that I was not there...I see Scotty the Beard was there...

On another note, sorry for the lack of Posts, & all Hail John for keeping it all Rockin' & Rollin'...I even saw a Post from Bond International down there somewhere.

The 1st Month is was it for you...hellish right...January should just be a month off. Well I vowed I would keep it low for January, keep the Cyclops at Home, or only venture out for a little project or 2...which I did do...still to do another.

But February is here & it is time to make the moves & come out of Hibernation, maybe plan a road trip or 2...I see a plan formulating.

Keep you posted.

Be Well.