Friday, December 07, 2007


So this was brought to my attention last night (ThankYou Mr Montana). The drinks above have now been pulled from the shelves for Breaking Marketing Rules. The quote from the Portman Group reads, ' Too Many Young Adults these days regard alcohol & illicit drugs as Interchangeable. The industry must not Contribute to this attitude.'

So it is ok in Spain & elsewhere to sell these drinks but here, in this ever growing 'Big Brother' Police State it is not permitted as we do not like it. What ever happened to Freedom of Choice, or are young adults seen as no way capable of making decisions for themselves, & we the governing minority know whats best for all of you.

I think it comes down to Money & the fact that The Portman Group are sure that these Drinks will be rather Popular & they might lose out financially. Also that they want their Legal Drug ALCOHOL to be the POISON of Choice. It is like alternative Energy Solutions, the answers are there, but Shell & BP will not invest as it does not help their Bottom Line right now.

May I also point out that more people die every year from Alcohol Abuse than any other Drug on the planet.

Be Well
p.s. would still like to try that Cannabis & Vodka...2 of my friendliest Poisons.