Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Mishka's newest "Keep Watch" is ready for download or streaming for your enjoyment. This installment - Volume 3 - is over 40 minutes of dark and grimy dubstep courtesy of London, UK's "The Others" along with MC Roguestar. Click the links below to listen to their selection of some of their personal faves from the past couple years. Representing the Dub Police crew, The Others are two of the foremost producer/dj's in the UK's fledgling underground, and have been featured on everything from mixtapes to the BBC. So click either of the links below and enjoy the ride.

About the Mix
Known as The Others, two of the UK’s foremost beat makers, D-Code & DeXterous have come together here to heap a dark and heavy helping of Garage and Grime upon the Mishka’s ongoing Keep Watch series. Representing one of the deepest crews in the scene – consisting of seventeen hardcore Mishka supporters– under the namesake of Dub Police, The Others have dug deep into their collective influences to create 41 minutes of the densest beats heard in a while. Accompanying them on the mic is MC Roguestar, a pillar in the UK Dub, Drum & Bass underground scene, adding his own touch to keep the theme of the mix dark and moody. Working together The Others and Roguestar pull the roots of traditional Dubstep right out of the ground,
chop them up and deliver a completely unique sound. Forget the track listing: just turn this new mix way up and get ready to hear the forefront of the UK’s underground from the relative safety of the Mishka Doombox.

About The Others
London, UK is where producers D-Code & DeXterous call home. Now part of the infamous Dub Police crew (also headed up by Caspa and Rusko), these two met while attending the Vestax DJ Academy in Guildford, merging their complimentary tastes in music into some of the hottest tracks heard in recent years. Their music has been prolific in the UK and international scene on everything from mixtapes to BBC Radio 1. You can catch the entire Dub Police crew playing bi-monthly at the legendary Fabric club as well. Showing absolutely no evidence of slowing down, they’ve stepped up to the plate and delivered an incredible new Keep Watch mix for you to bump .

About Roguestar
DJ and Producer turned MC and founder of the Urban Collective; MC Roguestar is the gold standard in London’s Drum &Bass and Jungle scenes. Turning up on some of the best mixtapes and at some of the best live events worldwide, Mishka is excited to have him team up with The Others to tear shit apart.

About Mishka
Mix tapes have always been an integral part of NYC’s underground culture and burgeoning music scene, and as such, Mishka is proud to carry on the tradition with the on-going Keep Watch series. Featuring top DJs hailing from every genre and geographic corner, Mishka’s Keep Watch party mixes celebrates one of the most widely practiced American art forms. Released monthly, the mixes are free for download or can be streamed through the Mishka Doombox.

Download the entire mix here:
www.mediafire.com/file/jdmktjoxdzn/Mishka Keep Watch 3.zip

Or stream it on the Mishka Doombox:

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