Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Criminal Minds. On The Run(pt2)

Firm favorite of mine at the moment I can't this tune outta my head.
So Old Skool and in many more ways than 1.

DJ Halo and Chase 1 formed The Criminal Minds in 1985 producing UK Hip Hop and released their now very rare and sort after first EP entitled 'Guilty As Charged' in 1990.
1992 they released one of my all-time favorite Hardcore (breakbeat rave) tunes "Baptised by dub" and now with this new E.P "Regroup The Loops" they have gone full circle back to that UK Hip Hop sound. Wicked!

Released on the FAT-HOP record Label 19/sept/11, fathop005ep
Contact ohmage88@hotmail.com for pre-order