Thursday, November 29, 2007

Amos YOD The Second Coming

Yes Siree, the new illustated version of the YOD and James Jarvis' ‘Selected Drawings’ book will be with us next week, fingers crossed, but only a very limited number will be available.

As soon as it comes in I'll let you know, watch this space....

‘Selected Drawings’ by James Jarvis is a 240 page perfect bound collection of some of the illustrator’s favourite drawings from 2001 to 2007. Lovingly compiled by Jarvis himself, the volume includes personal work and artwork created while making commercial illustrations, comic strips, t-shirt graphics and toys. ‘Selected Drawings’ is an intriguing insight into the process between the formulation of an idea, and the realisation of the idea in physical form.

To accompany ‘Selected Drawings’, Amos Toys will release three new soft vinyl YOD figures, each decorated with a different set of illustrations taken from the James Jarvis book. The theme for the illustrations is based on Jarvis’ drawings of mythical beasts. YOD is the result of a convergence of academic and design theory, resulting in the creation of a real designer art toy. It is born of proportions based on ancient Mathematical formulae, and exists in conditions derived directly from the thinking of great modern philosophers. YOD was first released in early October 2007 and sold out almost instantly.