Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Chateau Roux to be exact.

This the company that is going to step into the old Newburgh Street shop.

Never heard of them, & I hope they last 20 years on the street...yeah right. With the Commercial Landlords that control the area & their beloved Speculative Bottom Line, that must increase according to their schedule & not what the market dictates.

Well I wish them luck, 'cause if they are relying on passing trade, it may not cut it.

You see people came to Newburgh Street to the Pub &, I will say it, to mostly see Bond.

From everyone I speak to, the street is dead & no one really passes like they used to.

A lady today stopped me in the street and asked me, 'Do you know where Bond is ?'

I will have an answer very soon.

Be Well.